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Decision Integrity (DIL) is a research and coaching enterprise working on holistic approaches that benefit sustainable systems, projects, communities, organisations and societies with special emphasis on transformative resilience.

Towards an Ontology of the Present Moment

Anthony Hodgson

In On The Horizon Vol x  (2013) Emerald Publications

A Transdiciplinary World Model

Anthony Hodgson

In Systems Research and Behavioural Science

Vol (2012) John Wiley

An Image of Global Integrity; The parameters of an enlightened global society

Anthony Hodgson

Network Review Spring 2011

Decision Integrity and Second order Cybernetics

Anthony Hodgson

In - Cybernetics and Systems Theory in Management: Tools, Views and Advancements Edited Steven Wallis (2009)

Transformative Resilience: A response to the adaptive imperative

Anthony Hodgson, Editor

IFF/RSA/ Carnegie (2009)

Seeing in Multiple Horizons: Connecting Futures to Strategies

Andrew Curry and Anthony Hodgson

The Journal of Futures Studies Volume 13 Number 1 (2008)

The Restoration of Community Resilience

Anthony M. Hodgson

Paper given (2008) at the annual conference of the UK Systems Society

Full Report on Alcohol and Drugs for Scottish Parliament

Deepening Futures with System Structure

Anthony Hodgson and Bill Sharpe

Appreciating the Future

Anthony Hodgson

In - Scenarios for Success Editors Bill Sharpe and Kees van der Heijden (2007) John Wiley

Qualitative Systems Thinking: A Fresh look at J.G.Bennett’s General Systematics

Anthony M. Hodgson

Paper given (2006) at the annual conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

Intelligent Infrastructures - Technology Forward Look

Bill Sharpe and Tony Hodgson

Study (2006) for UK Foresight

Hexagons for Systems Thinking

Anthony M. Hodgson

Fist published (1992) in the European Journal of Operational Research

Research and Ideas Papers