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Decision Integrity (DIL) is a research and coaching enterprise working on holistic approaches that benefit sustainable systems, projects, communities, organisations and societies with special emphasis on transformative resilience.

The Metabridge

5 tactics -

a pathway of implementation with accurately identified critical success factors

1 issues -

a holistic view of the total set of relevant issues  

3 choices -

a set of mutually compatible options in interacting decision areas

7 systems - systemic models which enable anticipation of the non-linear results of taking action  

2 meanings

- a negotiated and agreed set of interpretations of the issues  

4 futures -

a set of scenarios enabling resilience in the face of uncertainty

6 processes - outcome oriented processes which will enable conduct of the implementation  

The strategic thinking needed to navigate across Horizon Two to a vision of a sustainable world in Horizon Three is too complex for simplistic decision methods. What is needed is a suite of methods that allow for the best of intuitive thinking and the best of systems thinking for dealing with the complexity and pace of change. The Metabridge is a symbol that pulls together and orchestrates a range of such methods around the key questions of strategic thinking:

1 what are the issues?

2 what do they mean for achieving our mission?

3 what options are open to us?

4 what does the future hold?

5 what should we set out to do?

6 By what processes are we going to do it?

7 what system do we need to design to operate in?