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Decision Integrity (DIL) is a research and coaching enterprise working on holistic approaches that benefit sustainable systems, projects, communities, organisations and societies with special emphasis on transformative resilience.

The World System Model

The world system model combines several vantage points on the global problematique in order to understand better the complexities of the social ecological system in which we live.very simple terms related to a set of critical components of humans surviving and thriving on planet earth. These perspectives are deliberately combined into an interconnected whole to further emphasize the holistic nature of he eld of concern.

The model serves as an organizing principle for information about past, present and future and as aid to creating scenarios that require the integration of multiple perspectives.

The model also provides a framework for different

forms of meeting procedure to facilitate cross- discipline conversations and the search for the profound simplicity after complexity.

For a technical paper on the cybernetics of the World System Model click here