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Decision Integrity (DIL) is a research and coaching enterprise working on holistic approaches that benefit sustainable systems, projects, communities, organisations and societies with special emphasis on transformative resilience.

1 Agency

Functional capacities to take care of the multi-fold needs of a surviving and thriving community.  The IFF World Model indicates that there are at least 12 critical agencies in a sustainable community.  

2 Mutuality

Ability to reconcile diversity and inclusivity with social justice.  In any community there are differing opinions, skills, and positions that need constant rebalancing and new learning.  This is above all a facilitation capability.

3 Integrity

A governance structure able to participate, to listen, to link and to lead.  Without an appropriate governance structure the community cannot achieve a coherent response that combines common purpose with individual initiative.

4 Foresight

Anticipation of future developments and creation of appropriate responses.  This capacity is a combination of horizon scanning of the external environment and internal modelling of how new challenges can be met.

5 Self-Identification

Sense of self, coherence and sufficiently shared values and worldview.   In modern society it is often made more evident by shared crises but is stronger if sustained by shared values.

A Viable System Model (VSM) of  Transformative Resilience